What Can You Do If Your Home Renovation Contractor Isn’t Doing The Work?

11 November 2018
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When you and your contractor signed an agreement over the renovations for your home, you expected the contractor to uphold his or her end of the bargain. So what do you do when that doesn't happen? Here's a handy guide to get you started: 1. Find out if there's a good reason for the delay. Sometimes work on a renovation project will stall for perfectly understandable and unavoidable problems. Perhaps your contractor is unable to complete the project because he or she has a health crisis.
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Common Contract-Drawing Situations That Require A Contracts Attorney For Help

2 November 2018
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When you own a business, contracts become one of those necessary parts of life, and for the most part, the contracts are fairly easy to navigate. However, some types of contracts are a bit harder to manage without the help of someone with legal knowledge of such documents. Therefore, there can be times when you have to hire a contracts attorney to help you navigate through the process. Knowing when to expect to have to get professional help with creating or negotiating contracts helps you plan accordingly.
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Three Situations When Your Restaurant May Need a Business Attorney

29 October 2018
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Being the owner of any business in today's world is a bit more of a challenge than what it may have once been, especially if your business is related to feeding people. At every corner, there are laws and regulations to mind and people ready and willing to attack you with a lawsuit. Business attorneys are highly valuable for restaurant owners because of this fact. Here are a few times when you may need a business lawyer.
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